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my story

My name is Esther Bosshard. I come from a family passionate about gardens, and I grew up with the conviction that both gardens and flowers are important to our well-being.

A freshly picked bouquet of old fashioned heritage or wild and foraged flowers is a constant source of beauty and pleasure for me.  I am also aware of how people's eyes light up when they see a vase of garden flowers sitting on a table or window sill—and it is this that makes me want to share this transient beauty and pleasure with others.

I graduated from Dunedin School of Art in 2015, and started Company of Flowers to supplement my work as a painter and create a small income stream from work that brings me joy.

In 2018 with no land to my name, I adopted Canadian Curtis Stone's model of urban farming, whereby people with unwanted lawns or disused vegetable gardens allow others without land to use it productively. It's a system which fosters community relations and allows people to create small and sustainable businesses who might otherwise not have the opportunity. It also enables low carbon enterprises to develop, and encourages the growing and eating of local produce.

As a result of the exceptional generosity of people with land to spare, I am currently growing my flowers organically on various sites within Dunedin City. As well as doing bouquets to order, I also have a weekly stall at the Otago Farmers' Market from spring to late autumn, and arrange flowers for weddings.

To see my flower farm and florist feature on Rural Delivery, click here


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