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Glorious, abundant bouquets created from flowers and foliage freshly picked from our gardens.

Every bouquet is one of a kind, fashioned from whichever blooms are at their most gorgeous. 

We grow a range of wildflowers and old-fashioned heritage species making our bouquets truly unique.

Deliveries every Tuesday, Dunedin-wide or Collect from the Otago Farmers Market every Saturday morning.

NOTE: If you have trouble entering your delivery address you can contact me on 021 206 7454 or 

Thanks for your patience, website maintenance in progress.

Wedding flowers, organic, local, sustainably grown, Dunedin. A young couple in love.

weddings & special occasions

If you would like me to arrange flowers for your wedding or special occasion, it would be my pleasure. Please be prompt in contacting me to ensure I am available for your special day.

Enquire below, or browse our wedding brochure here.